Labor Availability in Today’s Market

Labor Availability in Today’s Market

Labor Availability in Today’s Market

It should come as no surprise that skilled labor is in high demand in the residential construction industry in the Carolinas in 2019. But what is driving that trend in recent years? Three main reasons continue to appear in construction journals, news stories, and industry expert presentations:

  1. Lack of trades focus in US secondary and post-secondary school programs
  2. Impact of the sub-prime lending crisis / Great Recession on existing construction workers
  3. Impact of immigration policy changes or uncertainty

Our industry still faces the lingering impact of significant loss of skilled workers from the recession of 2008 in which large numbers of construction workers were laid off- some never to return to the sector. Combine this event with a vacuum of new entrants to the field due to an intense push for all (or most) high schoolers to go to college for an expensive 4-year degree and you’re left with a real shortage. So how does Fairview Custom Homes operate in this environment?

  1. High quality products attract high quality labor
  2. Quick subcontractor payment
  3. Clean and safe job sites
  4. Focus on relationships

At Fairview, we’re fortunate to build the most spectacular homes in our industry, and these projects are especially attractive to the best subcontractors in our region. Think about it, if you were a framer, mason or electrician, wouldn’t you prefer to perform your artistry on the best canvases in town? If you knew you’d be treated fairly and could come to a clean job site every day, wouldn’t that make a Fairview job opportunity more valuable to you?

That’s what we hear every day and is why we put such a premium on job site cleanliness and protection of finish items like floors, windows, countertops and paint. Our subcontractors know what to expect for interaction with our project management team throughout the job and for prompt payment of their services rendered.

We love building and renovating custom homes and the personal interactions we have with tradesmen is one of our favorite parts of what we do. We’re people people, and that’s a big reason why we’re able to continue building our hand crafted custom homes despite the tough labor market around us. Visit a Fairview job site today to see the difference!