Apples to Apples

While reading through a trade publication recently, I came across a concept that really stood out to me as I thought about what values Fairview offers as a homebuilder. Speaking on ways for builders to differentiate themselves from the competition, John McManus put it well: “It comes down to your ability to make your square foot more alluring, valuable, and resilient than the next guy’s (Builder Magazine).” Fairview offers a wonderful product that considers each of these traits.

Alluring – Architectural roofs, stained cedar shake siding, hand crafted cabinetry, natural stone veneers, exquisite granite counter tops, and intricate post and beam structures are just a few of the many top-end finishes that our craftsmen and subcontractors expertly mold into each home we build. Whether your home comes from a plan or is custom design drawn from the ground up, we help you to achieve a unique look that is all your own.

Valuable – With each home that we build, we understand that our clients are entrusting us with a considerable investment. It is our goal and desire to see that we are managing this investment wisely so that maximum value is incorporated into the home from start to finish. At times, this value comes in the form of a top-end finish that is unrivaled in quality and beauty. At others, the best value might not be attained with the grandest finish, and in actuality, our clients may at times rest easier knowing that we were careful to give them more bang for their buck.

Resilient – One of Fairview’s greatest attributes is our dedication to creating the strongest and most durable homes around. When it comes to luxury and retirement homes, maintenance is not something that we want our clients to deal with any more than they have to. This is why we do not believe in shortcuts and insist on going the extra mile when we feel it necessary. Poured concrete foundations, foam insulation, high-efficiency windows, and countless other high-performance products help to ensure that our homes are built on quality and will continue to be quality investments for their owners well into the future.

By: Chris Hamblen, COO