Design & Build Services

 For over a decade, Fairview Custom Homes has designed and crafted some of the finest homes in the Southeast. Whether you’ve dreamed of waking up to beautiful mountain views or of relaxing by the lake after a round of golf, Fairview can assist you in turning your passion into a reality.


You can expect unmatched access to the builder since our family partners are intimately involved in the progress of your project. We provide continual connectivity with your project management team and open books accounting on costs of your job. We also use Builder Trend- the industry leading construction project management software application so you can see photo updates, Gantt charts and selection options wherever you are- even states away! Building is a complex activity, that’s why we focus on minimizing the stress on you.


We have compiled a team of management professionals with over 100 years of combined building experience- if you can imagine it, we’ve probably done it and can recommend how to do it and what to avoid. As a general sampling- a plurality of our homes incorporate curtain-wall retractable windows, ornamental ironwork, intricate or arched trim detail, reclaimed natural materials, standing seam roofs or accents, infinity pools, elevators… you name it. But it’s not just the wow-features that we care about, your home’s waterproofing, energy efficiency, environmental acclimation and long-term durability are what really get us excited. We don’t cut corners and our clients are grateful.


Because each home is one-of a kind, there’s a lot to discover along the way when designing a new home. Because of this, we find it best to partner with clients on achieving both parts of their vision: design and budgetary goals as one combined effort. We rarely have a client whose budget isn’t a significant factor in their overall vision, thus we work to conduct price checks as the design is coming together. Our clients drive budget decisions the entire way, and we don’t start work until they give us the green light- then we provide total transparency on all costs for the job so that we really do develop the feel of teamwork. It’s a more rewarding approach for all of us, and a better experience for you!


We usually start with a visit to your site or a meeting at your community sales center or our office. The “get to know you” phase allows us to get a feel for your goals and to see if our process is a good fit for both parties. We recognize that different clients have different goals, and we don’t suggest we’re the best fit for everyone out there. Our clients tend to be those with a deep personal connection to the project, who want better confidence in the build quality and minimal haggling along the way for their own peace of mind. These clients don’t all have the same desired participation level in the design or needs for the same details or finish level- but they do tend to ascribe high value to the relationship experience. As a second-generation family business, our clients get to know our families on a personal level and that means a lot to us. We want lifelong friends well after the project is complete! We’ll also outline the components of our construction agreement, introduce you to your prospective project manager, and provide a high-level estimate on what your project will likely cost in the current labor and materials market.