Building a Luxury Custom Home vs. Renovating Your Current Home


Are you considering a change in your living situation? Custom home building and renovating an existing property are both great options to achieve this goal. However, deciding which one is the best fit for you and your family requires careful consideration of several factors. Let's explore some of the key considerations when choosing between building a new custom home or renovating your current one.

An infographic laying out the pros and cons of building a luxury custom home vs. renovating one.

Building a New Custom Home

The Flexibility to Build Your Dream Home 

When you build with Fairview Custom Homes, you get the flexibility to design and build the exact home you've always wanted. Our team is skilled in creating customized homes that feature high-end amenities such as smart home technology, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, custom kitchens and baths, luxurious outdoor living spaces, and more. We also provide clients with access to our extensive network of architects and designers who can help bring their vision to life.  

A Team You Can Rely On

At Fairview Custom Homes, we understand that building a dream home is about much more than bricks and mortar—it's about creating something special for yourself or your family that will last for generations. We are dedicated to providing each client with personal attention throughout every step of the process—from concept through completion—so they feel comfortable trusting us with their project.

Quality Craftsmanship You Can Count On 

We understand that trust is essential when it comes to building a dream home. That's why we take pride in providing our clients with quality craftsmanship they can count on. Our experienced team is committed to delivering an exceptional experience from start to finish—from helping choose just the right materials for your custom luxury home to ensuring it meets all local codes and regulations. We believe in doing things right the first time so that you can enjoy your new home for years to come. 

The lower level of home built by luxury home builder Fairview Custom Homes

Personalization & Customization 

Building your own custom luxury home allows you to personalize and customize every detail. This means that you have the opportunity to choose features like flooring, cabinets, fixtures, appliances, paint colors, and more. You will also be able to select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as other spaces that are important for your lifestyle. Furthermore, when working with Fairview Custom Homes, our team will help guide you through all of these decisions so that you can create a space that is tailored specifically for your needs. 

Increased Satisfaction 

When it comes to building a custom luxury home of your dreams in Greenville, SC., there is no greater satisfaction than being able to make all the decisions yourself. Knowing that each detail has been handpicked by you means that your home will reflect who you are and what makes it special for your family. This level of satisfaction is something that can’t be matched by buying a pre-existing home or even selecting from pre-designed plans. 

Higher Resale Value 

Having a custom luxury home also increases its resale value in comparison to other homes on the market. Because these homes are unique and have customized features not seen in other homes on the market, they often command higher prices when they hit the real estate market due to their desirability factor. And if built properly with quality materials by experienced contractors like Fairview Custom Homes, these homes can last for many years without needing any major repairs or renovations. 

Renovating Your Current Home

A "before" image of a custom home renovation
The "after" image of a custom home renovation

Renovating an existing house can be an excellent way to get exactly what you want in your existing home. By making targeted changes and upgrades to your existing space—installing new kitchen cabinets and countertops, for example—you can get exactly what you need in the home you’ve already created so many memories in. 

Home renovation is an excellent opportunity to enhance both the functionality and appearance of your living space. With proper planning and execution, these updates can add value to your property, boost your enjoyment of your residence, and instill a sense of pride in your living environment while replacing outdated features.

Increase Home Value 

Renovating can increase the value of your home, if done properly and with quality materials. When done professionally, renovations can completely transform the look and feel of a room and give potential buyers an extra reason to choose your property over others. Fairview Custom Homes specializes in custom renovations that not only add value to homes, but also give them unique touches that will stand out in the market. 

Improve Quality of Life 

Renovations can also have a dramatic effect on the quality of life within the home. If you’ve been feeling cramped or uncomfortable in whatever space you’re in at the moment, there are plenty of options available to improve both comfort level and functionality of any given room or area. From changing up furniture configurations or adding smart storage solutions, there are tons of ways you can make sure that every inch of space is being used efficiently. 

Adding Amenities 

Many people think about adding amenities such as second bathrooms or outdoor entertaining spaces when considering renovations for their homes. These types of additions are great for increasing both home value and quality of life in a home environment. With Fairview Custom Homes as your go-to builder for renovations, these sorts of upgrades become much easier to handle than trying to do them yourself – saving time and money in the long run! 

An outdoor patio complete with an outdoor kitchen overlooking a mountain view from luxury custom home builder Fairview Custom Homes

As with most things in life, there are many factors to consider when deciding between building a new custom home or renovating your current one – but no matter which route you decide on Fairview Custom Homes offers expertise in both scenarios! Whether it's creating something completely unique from scratch or making tweaks and upgrades within an existing space – we will work with our clients every step of the way! Contact us today for more information about how we can help turn your dreams into reality!

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