Design Decisions You Need to Make Before Renovating Your Luxury Custom Home


There’s nothing more exciting than the prospect of renovating your luxury custom home in the Carolinas. But before you jump into executing the transformation of custom home designs and dream homes, it’s best to consider a few critical design decisions first. Our team at Fairview Custom Homes always encourages our clients to sit down with these specific custom home design details as a first step. And with these critical elements determined, you can move forward with your official renovations.

Determine the Goal of Your Luxury Remodel

When renovating your custom home, you’ll want first to establish the core objective of your project. Maybe you want to expand your living space or introduce more luxurious amenities, for example. Whatever your goals are for this dream home transformation, begin your journey by identifying what matters most. These are luxury renovation goals to inspire the “why” behind your project and keep your efforts focused on achieving those goals:

  • Increasing your home’s overall value
  • Elevating or modernizing your lifestyle
  • Adding innovative or stylish amenities to your spaces
  • Re-imagining a space or experience 

Room By Room Design Elements

Spend quality time exploring all the style and material options available for each soon-to-be-redesigned room before you begin your custom luxury home renovation. Discover all the latest luxury design trends for the kitchen, the bathroom, the family room, or the dining room, whichever you intend to renovate. And begin deciding the must-have amenities and luxury features you want in each room. 

These might include:

  • Open floor plans
  • Lighting designs
  • Ceiling designs
  • Color combinations
  • Flooring styles and materials
A basement custom renovation project by Luxury Custom Home Builders Fairview Custom Homes.

Fixtures and Appliances

Your luxury custom home builders will ask you about your preferences for fixtures and appliances. So, consider making some of these design decisions before you begin your custom home project. Start exploring all the brilliant lighting trends, the full range of innovative and energy-efficient appliances, and the elegant fixtures available. And make decisions about those you love and want to incorporate into your newly renovated space. 

Get creative with your custom home aesthetics and consider these fixtures, amenities, and appliances:

  • Chandeliers, pendant lighting, or cam lighting
  • Open hearth fireplaces, faux wood fireplaces, or fireplace inserts 
  • Traditional appliances or smart appliances
  • Handle, faucet, knob, and accent designs

Flooring Designs and Materials

Another design decision to make before starting your luxury home renovations is flooring. A stunning space is only possible with suitable flooring designs and materials. Think about what kind of look and style you’re bringing. Then, explore the available high-end flooring selections to introduce modern, elegant, or innovative flair.

  • Exotic or distressed hardwood flooring
  • Natural stone or marble flooring
  • Porcelain or mosaic ceramic tile flooring

Emerging Luxury Home Renovation Designs for 2024

Knowing what to include in a luxury home remodel design can be challenging, especially if it’s your first project. There are so many brilliant style trends to consider and elements to explore. If you’re stuck and looking for design inspiration, check out these emerging luxury home renovation trends, expected to be the epitome of upscale, dream home experiences:


Expect utility islands to be the kitchen centerpiece of your kitchen renovation. Versatility and multi-functionality, as are bold accents and brilliant colors. Look for vibrant and contemporary elements that reinforce the kitchen gathering experience.

A renovated kitchen by luxury home builder Fairview Custom Homes.


No luxury bathroom renovation is complete without spa-like features. Walk-in showers, freestanding soaking tubs, and rejuvenating elements are paramount. Also, look for minimalist and modern designs to define the luxury bathroom in 2024.

Interior Design

Look for ways to replace your space’s sharp edges with curved, smooth lines for more elegance and upscale aesthetics. Honey-colored tones, shaggy rugs, and stone planters are also popular accents in luxury home styles. And discover some of these interior design themes for even more inspiration:

  • Scandinavian Influence
  • Art Deco Designs
  • Antique and Eclectic Styles
  • Quiet, Comfortable Luxury Textures
  • Upholstered Walls
  • Satin Nickel Finishes
  • Whimsical and Folklore Designs


Sustainability is also the order of the day, with more and more homeowners looking to find natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials for their luxury custom homes and renovations. Explore ways to incorporate environmentally conducive materials and elements with every renovation decision. 

Custom Luxury Home Renovation Builders

Consider these suggestions when evaluating your luxury custom home builders:

  • Understand the unique scope and goals of your project.
  • The lowest bid partners aren’t always the best fit.
  • Explore references and credentials before deciding on a builder.
  • Meet with every renovation team you consider.
  • Don’t rush the selection process until you’re comfortable moving forward.

Let Fairview Custom Homes Be Your Guide

The key priority in choosing the best custom luxury home builders is finding a team to partner with you on these preliminary decisions. Let Fairview Custom Homes be your trusted guide for luxury custom home renovation. We can share all the latest design trends and help you decide which elements, materials, and stylish layouts are perfect for your newly renovated space. Contact our design team, and let’s explore all your custom luxury home amenities and options! Transform your Carolina home into a beautifully modern and stylish living space.

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