Custom Home Design Ideas: Monochromatic Paint Colors


Custom home design trends change all the time, especially when it comes to interior color combinations and paint hues. Think back a decade or two to some of your favorite rooms and vibrant colors that made an impression on you.  You might remember the kitchen designs featuring country blue wallpaper designs, stone crocks on the counter, and happy cow portraits above the cabinets. Or maybe your childhood memories are of the bright yellow sunrooms or Grandma’s overly pink spare bedroom.

But now it’s time for you to make some color combination decisions of your own. And while you’re fond of those designs of yesteryear, you might be more interested in today’s paint color design trends. Here at Fairview Custom Homes, we’re seeing this new trend of monochromatic paint colors throughout many of our clients’ custom homes and luxury spaces. As premier custom home builders in South Carolina, we can share loads of inspiration with making this new monochromatic color trend a perfect fit for your luxury custom home, too. We’re often sharing innovative and stylish design ideas for your custom home-building project. And today’s the day to immerse yourself in colors, hues, and paint ideas to wow your senses.

What Are Monochromatic Colors and Paint Combinations?

When custom home builders in South Carolina and design teams talk about monochromatic colors and aesthetics, they’re referring to the layering of one color with various versions of the same color. In other words, monochromatic styles are those that center on one pillar shade and then coordinate with other shades of that same color. Monochromatic home designs are all about creating spaces using different tones of the same color. 

Typically, when considering a monochromatic paint design, you’ll start with one base color and segment it into four unique components of that color, including: 

  • Hue - This is your base or dominant color.
  • Tint - This is your base color, with a hint of white added to lighten.
  • Shade - This is a darker version of your dominant color.
  • Tone - This is a muted version of your base color.

The term monochrome means black and white, which might be what you had in mind. But when designers speak of monochromatic paint colors, they’re talking about a much broader palette of colors. And this emerging style trend can bring you so many options for your luxury custom home. Get inspired by these trending color combinations as you design your Carolina dream home.

Earthy Clay Monochromatic Tones

The Adobe patterns are back in today’s custom home designs. And you can explore monochromatic earthy tones, like terra cotta, soft browns, or cinnamon hues for your interior. These colors together bring richness and warmth to a space. They're also versatile as interior designs or as stunning patio oasis themes.

Lofty and Light Sky Blues

Another popular monochromatic paint trend involves variations of heavenly blues. Introduce a sky blue to your spaces, complemented with chromes, mirrors, and touches of glass throughout. These styles inspire cool and relaxing vibes, great for sunrooms or custom dining areas.

A custom home with a "his and her's" dual-sink looking into a light blue bedroom.

Mellow Mustards with Spunk

Infuse your home office or bedrooms with a spunky personality and charm with monochromatic mustards, yellows, and browns. While bright yellows tend to be more intense, softened mustard hues can soften those impressions. This palette of colors pairs beautifully with dark woods and furniture, too.

A bedroom with a porch overlooking the blue ridge mountains by Fairview Custom Homes

All the Variations of Beige and Cream

Talk with your luxury custom home builder about stunning ways to use beige and cream throughout your new dream home. Lighter beige and off-white shades can always brighten a room, make it appear more spacious, and overall help the home feel more clean. But introduce airy and artistic vibes, too, when you match cream colors with tongue and groove walls, minimalistic accents, and sheer shades.

Minty Fresh Greens and Teals

Imagine your den or living room with minty fresh hues of light greens and deep teals. These monochromatic paint colors brighten and warm a space simultaneously. And they add energetic charm to a traditionally mellow room, as well.

A wine room with mint green walls.

Chocolate and Mocha Indulgences

Custom home builders today are seeing more and more indulgent designs and color combinations, including the chocolate and mocha paint palettes. In a bedroom or dining room, rich browns and muted latte-colored tans bring sophistication and elegance to a space. These colors are perfect for matching textures and fabrics, including drapery and furniture accents.

Heavenly Whites and Silvers

At Fairview Custom Homes, we often see clients express an interest in starting with an all-white interior. And it’s a great canvas for creating stunning and heavenly designs. With white wall colors, you have the creative freedom to style bohemian vibes, draw attention to textured accents, design coastal aesthetics, or create heavenly classic spaces with whites and silvers.

A white bathroom with light brown wooden floors

Black, Brown, and Gold Elegance

It’s entirely ok to consider darkened walls and black paint, especially when you pair those soft black walls with browns, velvet accents, and charcoal fabrics. Your spaces won’t feel smaller. Instead, with bronze and gold pieces along with traditional wood finishes, you’ll bring elegance, contrast, and sophisticated intimacy to your spaces.

Family/Dining room and kitchen combo

Smooth, Smokey Grays

A great way to introduce color into a space without overpowering it is with a series of smokey grays. These monochromatic paint colors are great for showcasing antique furnishings. But they’re also ideal for modern, minimalist designs, as well. Grays can be soft in lighter shades and edgy as darker contrast colors.

Get inspired with all your custom home interior designs and tap into the creative options with monochromatic paint colors. And when you’re exploring custom home builders in the Carolinas, connect with our design team at Fairview Custom Homes! We can help you design and curate your dream home with all of your preferences and some of the latest design trends in mind.

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