Design Ideas: How to Make Your Ceilings More Interesting


When considering designing your custom home, either as a luxury remodel project or a new construction project, you’ll want to consider every detail. In addition to floor plans and architectural designs, you’ll have to decide on color combinations, flooring materials, cabinet hardware, and everything in between. But don’t forget - you’ll also want to explore ceiling designs carefully. While ceilings can often be overlooked in the custom home design process, they can be pivotal in delivering the upscale and elegant aesthetics you want. Today, as your trusted luxury custom home builders, we at Fairview Custom Homes want to share design inspiration to introduce attractive ceilings that wow every room!

Types of Custom Luxury Home Ceilings

Whatever dream home designs you have in mind, explore the different types of ceiling styles to best complement those designs. 

Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings can come in various luxury styles but usually feature two sloping sides at a high center point in the room or space. You can have some creative freedom with vaulted ceilings, too. 

  • Domed vaults: These ceilings feature rounded, half-circle shapes.
  • Rib vaults: These vaulted ceilings feature exposed beams.
  • Arched vaults: These ceilings slope upward with rounded curves, not straight angles.
  • Barrel vaults: These ceilings look like the inside of a half barrelvariousngs

Consider the tray ceiling design for a fascinating look in your custom home. With this type, the ceiling center in a particular room is slightly raised from the ceiling around it. Raising the ceiling just a foot can add unique dimensions to your room's needs. Many custom homeowners will get creative by adding wood moldings or painting these “trays” a different color from the rest of the room for brilliant accenting.

A coffered ceiling with a beautiful chandelier by luxury custom home builder Fairview Custom Homes.

Coffered Ceilings

A coffered ceiling can be a great addition to custom home design features with its grid pattern of wooden beams. It’s a dramatic contrast of textures and colors that create exciting room aesthetics. It’s also common to introduce luxury ambiance for a more formal living room or dining room area. Beams can be painted, stained, reclaimed, or left unfinished, depending on your design preferences.

Cathedral Ceilings

Nothing makes a big impression quite like the cathedral ceiling. Like the vaulted ceiling, the cathedral design features two sloping angles that meet at a high ridge point. Cathedral ceilings, however, do follow the roofline and structure. These ceilings are impressive focal points for bedrooms and living rooms. And drawing the eye upward gives the impression a room is more significant than it is. These ceiling types are great for incorporating skylights well.

Materials and Looks for Your Ceiling Designs

Once you’ve chosen the type of ceiling for each room in your luxury custom home, you can explore all the material options to bring textures, dimensions, and exciting visuals to each space.

Painted Ceilings

Whether creating a Boho Chic look or tapping into colonial-style vibes, consider painted ceilings your perfect accent. Introduce lighting shades to make a space feel more open. Or introduce vibrant paint colors on your ceiling to make a statement. 

Wallpapered Ceilings

Yes, wallpaper is making a comeback, only not on the walls. Some of the latest luxury custom homes incorporate wallpaper in powder rooms, backsplashes, and ceilings. Introduce subtle style elements or go big with brilliant works of wallpapered art!

  • Textured wallpapers
  • Geometric designs
  • Artistic murals
  • Botanical flare
  • Monochromatic styles
A small sink with wallpaper on the walls in a custom home.

Glass Ceilings

Great for sunrooms, atriums, and solariums, the glass ceiling is an incredible design option to discuss with your custom home builders. Bring natural light into all the suitable spaces and get creative with your glass design styles.

  • Clear glass
  • Stained glass
  • Privacy glass
  • Frosted glass 

Wood Planked Ceilings

Another ceiling design trend to consider is the wood-planked ceiling. Wood planks of all varieties can add warmth and charm to any room. Today’s custom home designers experiment with natural and painted wood to create unique sunrooms, dens, and home offices. Explore styles like:

  • Tongue and groove ceilings
  • Shiplap ceilings
  • Beadboard ceilings 
  • Board and batten ceilings

Accents and Ceiling Touches

With your ceiling type and ideal materials in mind, you can explore all the luxury and upscale accents to put the finishing touches on your custom ceiling design. Find the elements you love, and then make your ceiling look authentically yours by bringing in these brilliant and stunning touches.

Custom Moldings

Talk with your luxury custom home builders about creating custom moldings that accentuate and complement your ceiling design. There are ornamental moldings, or you can create something unique to showcase a light fixture. Many of the latest luxury remodels include custom moldings to design patterns.

A ceiling with a custom mold by custom home builder Fairview Custom Homes

Skylights and Dormers

Design your custom ceiling as another method for channeling natural light with skylights and dormers. Ambient light and subtle views of the Carolina sky can be just the accent your newly designed space needs to be comfortable, elegant, and attractive. Flat and domed skylights and solar tubes are needed to find your best-fit style.

Acoustics and Sound

Consider transforming your custom home space into a relaxing oasis with noise-canceling ceiling materials. Make living rooms cozy and eliminate echoing with sound-absorbing or diffusing elements. 

Geometric Designs

Play with patterns, including stripes, grids, and geometric shapes, to make your ceiling a focal point in your room designs. Even incorporating tile designs, especially in a main bathroom or spa, can be incredibly inviting. 

Remember, as you explore the thousands of brilliant luxury custom designs for your new Carolina dream home, the ceiling can be your greatest style asset. Explore how to make your ceilings as attractive as other elements in each room. When you’re ready to choose your custom home builder, begin your search by calling our design team at Fairview Custom Homes! From idea inception to building completion, we can bring whatever you imagine!

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