Must-Have Features to Inspire Your Custom Dream Home


The possibilities are endless when designing your custom dream home! Most people choose elements that reflect a part of who they are; however, sometimes the process can be overwhelming. From choosing the kitchen backsplash to deciding on the perfect hardwood floor stain, there are so many fine details to be nailed down. At Fairview, we have a robust and talented Interior Design team who can walk you through every feature that is implemented into your home. We are inspired by you and we want you to be inspired by the unique and personal design of your home! Read below for a few must have features to help inspire your ultimate custom dream home!

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are an excellent feature that allow for wide-open spaces. An open floor plan with 10- or 12-foot ceilings instead of the traditional 8 feet gives homeowners the feeling of a larger space.

Adding ceiling details such as tile, beams, or brick can promote extravagance, depth, and artistic creativity. High ceilings also increase natural light and adds an organic flow to the space. A space that integrates a kitchen, eating area, and living room is a popular plan that allows all rooms to come together. Few walls in an open floor plan makes it effortless for entertaining guests and spending time with family.

Impressive Views

A good architect and builder will be able to deliver beautiful views no matter the location of a property. Fairview especially builds custom homes in western North and South Carolina allowing for scenic landscapes of the blue ridge mountains to be visible from almost any post. Big windows aid in accomplishing impressive views through sight lines provided by large pieces of floor to ceiling glass, French doors, bay windows and more! When determining where to position your home on your land, it is essential to think about the views you want to see from sunrise to sunset. Capturing the natural environment is key for many homeowners and large windows allow for the presentation of remarkable views.

Indoor to Outdoor Living

Indoor to outdoor living spaces is an essential feature that should inspire your custom dream home. Building spaces that connect the inside to the outdoors, like sunrooms and porches, are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners wish to have additional spaces for entertaining and relaxation with family and friends.

Outdoor living can include a large porch with a kitchen, lounge seating, a bar, a fire pit, hot tub, pool, and more! The possibilities are endless to fit your specific desires and hobbies. An outdoor oasis is the perfect entrance to your backyard and can increase the overall value of one’s property astronomically.

Spa-Style Master Bathroom

Who doesn’t love rest and relaxation after a long day? We believe large master bathrooms must include areas for a soaking tub, a walk-in shower, and even the investment of a sauna. All of the items will add a luxurious spa feeling to your home. Plus, modern bathrooms with unique showers, sinks, and heated floors are an easy way to increase home value! In building a functional bathroom, making it compatible for two people to use at a single time is crucial. The bathroom should include duals sinks, plenty of his and hers storage, and a spacious floor plan. Including both a walk-in shower and tub is a fantastic way to increase the bathroom’s versatility and make it more comfortable for the use of two people simultaneously.

Wine Cellar Addition

We hope that you feel inspired to add even just one of these touches as an addition to your home. The beauty of building a custom home is knowing that every feature and detail is designed uniquely by you and that every element is completely tailored to your tastes and needs. As a builder, this means Fairview Custom Homes gets to be a part of the fun in customizing our clients dream home! Click the contact us page to request more info!

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