How We Approach Luxury Home Renovation


Fairview Custom Homes continues to be the premier partner in the Carolinas as luxury custom home builders you can trust, offering two distinct services. Connect with our team when you’re ready to explore new luxury custom home-building projects. Or, contact us today to see what we can bring to your existing property, transforming it into a custom home as a renovation project. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to get inspired by emerging design trends, we can help! And today, we’ll share exactly what you can expect when working with our team to renovate your Carolina home.

Reasons to Consider a Luxury Home Renovation

Your home, at one time or another, was the perfect size, layout, and style for you and your family. But as your family grows and your preferences change, that once-perfect Carolina home may feel like it needs to be updated. Consider a luxury home renovation the best way to transform your existing space into exactly what you need and want now - a modern, upscale home with all the must-have amenities and styles. 

You don’t need a reason other than you’re ready to change your living space. However, at Fairview Custom Homes, these are a few motivating factors our clients say inspire them to renovate.

  • Homeowners may plan to sell their homes in the future and want to invest in a luxury renovation that will help them market their Carolina home for top dollar.
  • Homeowners don’t want to leave their homes because of lifelong memories but want to create breathtaking new living spaces.
  • Homeowners can outgrow their current square footage, making additions and renovations necessary to accommodate their expanding families.
  • Homeowners now work from home more, needing more conducive remote working spaces and designer home offices.
  • Homeowners want to grow their investment and make their properties more valuable with stylish and luxury custom renovations.
  • Homeowners want modern and innovative designs for specific rooms, including kitchens, baths, patios, and master bedroom suites.
A luxury home renovation sun room.

How Fairview Custom Homes Is Different

There are home renovations. Then, there are custom luxury home renovations with Fairview Custom Homes. Working with our teams from initial designs to finishing touches is a refreshing and exciting experience. Imagine dramatically changing the look and feel of your Carolina home, increasing its value, and ENJOYING the process!

Here’s what makes our luxury home renovation process different:

  • We have a brilliantly experienced team of in-house Interior Designers.
  • We have decades of experience building luxury custom dream homes in the Carolinas.
  • Our custom home designs exude visionary innovations, bring modern aesthetics, and leverage expert craftsmanship in every renovation phase.
  • Fairview Custom Homes continues to provide award-winning luxury custom home services as the premier designer and builder.

What You Can Expect with a Custom Home Renovation

When you begin your luxury renovation journey, you’ll want to choose the right partner for all your design and construction needs. When you work with us, it’s all about managed expectations, dedicated processes, and professional results from start to finish.


Let’s chat about your ideas! Meet with our team and share what’s inspired you to consider a luxury renovation. We’ll determine the most effective way to achieve those design goals and create your project timeline. During this step, we manage expectations about the scope of the renovation, outlining every decision and outcome and answering every question. Leave this consultation with peace of mind and a complete understanding of what your custom home renovation will entail.

Design and Pre-Construction

Let’s get creative! We’ll help bring your design vision to life with home plan schematics. During this phase, we start with preliminary finish selections and secure all the necessary documentation to begin your dream home project. Bring your designs and trust our in-house design team to introduce modern concepts, luxury amenities, and stunning styles you won’t find anywhere else.

A newly renovated luxury custom home by Fairview Custom Homes.

Project Launch

Let’s get started! Once you’re confident in every design detail and project step, we’ll introduce you to a preliminary schedule and assign a dedicated project management team to your renovation. We’ll review every preceding detail and design once more before breaking ground to ensure you don’t want any other changes.

Renovation Construction

Let’s execute according to plan! We’re taking action and facilitating your custom design renovation to perfection during this stage. And we’ll handle everything involved in construction, including any knock-outs, tear-downs, and removal of existing materials. According to your plans, we’ll cover every detail, from roof to foundation.

Grand Reveals of Your Luxury Custom Home

Let’s reveal your renovation! With every construction task completed and every finishing detail handled, it’s time to enjoy your luxury custom home. And if you’ve relocated for a whole-home renovation or just partitioned off a small area of your house for the project - you’re ready for the big reveal!

A custom home renovated by Fairview Custom Homes

Custom Home Builders You Can Trust 

Let Fairview Custom Homes be your guide if you’re looking for a fresh custom home design! Our commitment to excellence, devotion to the Carolina communities we call home, and unparalleled expertise in luxury, upscale renovations make us the only partner to contact. 

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past clients (who are now lifelong friends) say about their experiences with Fairview Custom Homes.

“We believe we have found the perfect combination of trust, creative design, and quality workmanship that has turned what might have been stressful into an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. " - Ken & Lorraine.

"Barb and I feel that we not only got exactly what we wanted, but we also received strong value for what it cost. We could not be happier with the home.” - Rob & Barb.

Contact our design team today and find all the inspiration you need for an incredible luxury home renovation! See why Fairview Custom Homes are different, and enjoy creating this new upscale home!

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